Monday, May 6, 2013

About tea infusers

A tea infuser is a basket shaped container that is used to brew tea. They are usually quite small, however there are many variations depending on whether they are to be used in a teapot or in a teacup. They generally have perforated holes to allow the water to infuse with the tealeaves that are placed in the infuser.

Tea infusers come in all shapes and sizes some are large so that they can be used within a teacup and others are smaller so that they can be used in a single mug or cup. They are made in a variety of materials, generally meshy materials, metal and glass. Sometimes they even come in fun shapes, which are perfect if you need a gift to give to a tea lover.

A tea infuser is definitely something that you are going to need if you wish to brew tea from tealeaves in your own home. While most people will settle for tea bags, nothing will beat a cup of tea that is brewed with an infuser and fresh leaves. While the name may sound kind of intimidating, an infuser is really easy to use. All you have to do is add the tealeaves to the container and lower it into a boiling cup or pot of water. If you prefer, you can also place the infuser into the cup first and then pour the boiling water over it.

Always make sure you have an infuser that works with the kind of tea you are looking to use. If you tealeaves are very small and your infuser has large holes, then it is likely that some of the tealeaves will escape into the water. Although this could be fun if you want to pretend that you can read someone’s fortune with the tea leaves as the bottom of the cup!

A tea infuser is also an amazing thing to have if you want to mix and match different blends of tealeaves. You can literally create any flavor that you could possible want by doing this. 

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